There’s no doubt that Filipino women, like women from Russia and former Soviet Union territories, are one of the most sought-after wife material in the world. Many men are willing to suffer the loneliness of long-distance relationships and spend a lot of money just to be with one of them.

If you’ve ever had experience finding and dating Filipino women, you will know that getting started is really easy. You only need to sign up with a big dating website like Cherry Blossoms, create a profile and talk to the women who have active profiles there. Hopefully in a few months you’ll be telling people that you’re “In a Relationship” or “Married”.

However, the experience of many men in the past tells us that while it’s easy to find a Filipina, finding a decent woman who will truly become your life partner is more challenging.

As it is, there are Filipino women out there who date foreign men for a living, or are looking for sugar daddies to support them while having other boyfriends at the same time. You will also find women who believe they’re God’s gift to men just for being a Filipina.
As a Filipino woman myself, I’m quite aware about how these things work. (The good thing about most Filipinos is that they typically don’t keep secrets from fellow Filipinos.)

In this rather long article, I will show you how you can find yourself a decent Filipina woman without ever going through the hassle of meeting a highly undesirable one.
You might think that you’ll never get scammed or be burned because you’re smart, but the fact is, when it comes to love, intelligence almost always takes the backseat.

What Do Filipino Women Think Of White Men?

In the Philippines, it’s very common to see white men with Filipino women. Couples come in different shapes and sizes. There are May-December couples, long nail and short pin couples (in terms of height), etc.

You might be wondering why of all the women in the word, Filipino women seem to be the most open-minded about marrying men from other countries, even if the men are old enough to be their fathers. So what do Filipino women think of most foreign men?
Well, it really depends on the kind of Filipino woman you’re talking to and where she’s coming from.

Women who come from families that have less in life (the ones that are dirt poor) often see the “Kano” (American), the “puti” (white guy), and the “nigro” (black guy) as their ticket to a better way of life. And so they end up draining the guy’s money by making him pay for everything, from meals to home repairs. They’re also the type who would ask for small amounts of money per month from their boyfriends.
But there are also women who are NOT looking for ATM cash machines, but rather are looking for someone to save them from overbearing parents, and thus typical foreign man becomes their knight in shining armor. (In the Philippines, the children are almost required to live with their parents until they get married.)

Women who are reasonably educated and have jobs typically think foreign men are better alternatives to Filipino men, who can be philanderers, drug addicts, and broke bums in the same breath. (I’m not saying that all Filipino men are bad, I’m only saying – and this is just my opinion – that most Filipino men don’t set high standards for themselves and don’t know how to handle their money.)
There are also women who think they don’t mesh well with Filipino men and believe that only foreign men will be able to understand and appreciate them. These women are usually single mothers who are raising children alone. If they don’t have children, they’re older women who have had relationships with Filipino men that didn’t work out, or have never had a boyfriend in their lives for some reason or another.
Between the four groups of women, I think that the last two groups of women are decent enough for you to be in a “real” relationship with them. Sure, they might not earn as much as women from first-world countries (the typical salary in the Philippines is $200 to$500 per month), but they’re more family-oriented and more caring of their husbands.

How To Know Where She Belongs

When you’re out on a dating site, especially a big dating site like Cherry Blossoms, the most difficult thing to do is to know if the woman you’re talking to is a decent one. Anyone can tell you anything on the Internet, and since you’re far away, there’s no way of knowing if she’s telling the truth.

However,you can tell if a woman is a prized catch or not if you do the following things:

1. Check her family background

I like to say that anyone who’s looking forward to dating a Filipino woman should first check her family out. Why? Because the typical Filipino family is so close (women are almost forced to live with their parents until they get married), it’s impossible for a woman from the Philippines to not be influenced by her family.

So, if you’re talking to a woman for the first time, ask about her family. How many are they? What do her father and mother do? How are they as a family? You can almost always tell something about her by the way she talks about her family and what she tells you about them.

2. Check if she graduated from college or university

Unlike in the United States and Europe where people finish their education via student loans, in the Philippines parents are expected to send their children through college. Children, on the other hand, are expected to finish their education, get a job, then help the family by helping pay for the bills or paying for some sibling’s education, but all this really depends on the woman’s financial status.
You can be sure that if a Filipino woman graduated from college she has enough respect for her parents and herself. Sure, not all schools are the same, but they cost time and money all the same. In case you were wondering, the top 3 schools in the Philippines are University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University and La Salle University.

3. Check out if she has a job

Like anywhere else in the world, there’s a big world of difference between the character of bums and of people who hold jobs. Don’t believe what they tell you that there are no jobs in the Philippines – there are jobs. However, the typical pay is too low, while the really good jobs are usually reserved for people who are highly -talented (or who know a lot of people in high places).
A Filipino woman with a job, especially a relatively high-paying one, is highly unlikely to milk your money because she would have her pride intact. As of this writing, the most lucrative jobs in the Philippines are call center jobs and home-based freelancing jobs.

Are You Committing These Filipina Dating Mistakes?

There’s no doubt that Filipino women are the most desired “wife material” women in the world. The statistics prove this point: the divorce rate among Filipino-American couples is lower than the national divorce rate in the Philippines.

And of course, there are many foreign men who are happily married to Filipino women. But if you’re still not finding the right Filipina, meaning you’ve been jumping from one Filipina to another, or are still not seriously dating a Filipina, then there might some things you are doing wrong.

So, what are some of the mistakes you can commit while trying to find a Filipina wife? Here are some of them:

* You rushed to be with a Filipina

Rushing into a relationship with a Filipino woman – or any woman for that matter – almost always guarantees that you’re going to be heartbroken sooner than later. That said, take the time to get to know a Filipina woman. Remember, this is the rest of your life we’re talking about.
Hurrying will only make you blind to the kind of woman she really is – whether or not she’s realor if she’s out there just to scam you.

* Committing without even meeting in person

One of the most stupid things anyone can ever do is to commit to people online with people they’ve never met in person, but this has happened before and it’s still happening now. There are couples that ended in breakups because the real person didn’t live up to their expectations (or the woman was wrong about when she’ll have her menstruation).

* You didn’t contact many women

The dating game (whether online or offline) is basically a contact-and-numbers game, meaning that you have a greater chance of success, i.e., that of finding a very good woman, when you have a great number of prospects. That said, when you’re at the beginning of you search, makes sure you’re at a place where it’s possible to be in contact with many women.
I would suggest that you check out Cherry Blossoms dating. For one thing, at any given time, there are around 50,000 active women which you can narrow down by age. Also, it offers visa support services, which is very important when you’re about to bring her to your country. (Most embassies require you to prove that you have a “real” relationship before issuing a visa.)

* You visited the wrong websites

There are men who look for Filipino women on Craigslist or Facebook. While these websites are legitimate avenues for meeting people, the thing is, the response rate can be dismal.
If you go through some ads on Manila Craigslist by men looking for women, you’ll know that the response rate is bad. Many are repeat posters who complain about the lack of decent Filipino women who reply to them.
As for Facebook, you will find that Filipino women on Facebook are not inclined to be chummy with strangers. This is especially true after reports of people being murdered by people they met on Facebook surfaced in the media.
But aside from the low response rate, however, it would be more difficult to document your relationship for her visa later on.

* Falling for Filipino dating scams

Although the majority is decent women who are sincerely looking for men to be their life partners, there are Filipino women out there who are out there to scam unsuspecting men. You might think that you’re too smart to be scammed but the truth is that so many smart and educated yet vulnerable men have been conned of their money in the past.
The rule of thumb to avoid any scam is simply not to send any money no matter how heartwrenching her story is. Most professional scammers organize their online boyfriends in a record, where they make notes on each entry on what they talked about with a particular boyfriend, how much money he sent, and for what.