If you’re looking for a online for a woman from the Philippines, you should know that, yes, dating sites are the only way that you can meet many of them. This is true despite the popularity of Facebook. If you’ve ever used dating sites and Facebook at the same time, then you already know the difference between the to websites.

People rarely, if ever, socialize with strangers on Facebook. In most cases, people meet somewhere else first then add each other on that social dating site. Meanwhile, at dating sites the people are conditioned to meet and greet strangers. See the difference?

So, if you’re looking for Filipinas online, the best way to go about it is by signing up with dating sites like Cherry Blossoms. However, before you sign up, make sure you visit http://cherryblossomsdating.info/. That website is packed with Filipina dating tips which you will need when dating Filipinas online.

How To Deal With Filipinas

Despite all the bad press against them, Filipino women have remained one of the most desired women among foreign men who want to marry traditional women, with “traditional” meaning the woman taking of the house and the men working to support the wife.

Although there are thousands of men who are married to Filipinas, there are many men out there who are still in the searching stage, although they’ve been using Filipino dating sites for two years or more. If this has been your experience, it might be that you are communicating in a way that turns of women from the Philippines instead of attracting them to you.

In this article, you will find the top three communication tips we can think of to increase your chances of successfully dating Filipino women.

1. Don’t be “mahangin”

It’s mahangin outside

Mahangin literally means windy in Filipino, however, when you’re talking about a person, it actually means braggart. If there’s one thing about women from the Philippines, it is that they don’t like to be around men who are “mahangin”, for that matter, no woman regardless of her nationality ever likes to be with a man who brags too much. Filipino women prefer to be with men who are down-to-earth and don’t make a big fuss about themselves. So, when you’re chatting with a Filipina online, make sure you’re not talking too much about yourself.

2. Don’t start the conversation with “poverty”

Despite what you may think, not all Filipino women are dirt poor. Many of then hold jobs and although their salaries might not be as high as women in the West (Filipinos typically earn $200 to $500 per month), it doesn’t mean that they have less pride and self-respect. The biggest complaint Filipino women have about foreign men is that many assume that all women in the Philippines are dirt poor and just want someone who will save them from a bad financial situation.

3. Don’t be too honest

If you’re used to speaking your mind, you should be a little more careful. Filipinos are not used to feedback and will take it personally if you have a not so favorable opinion about the Philippines and Filipinos in general. There are other ways that you might be too honest, like telling a woman that she’s not the only one you’re dating online.

Although they’re aware foreign first date a lot of women at Filipina dating sites before settling for one woman, Filipinas are the jealous type and will be fuming inside if you talk about the other woman. If you have questions about a woman, go to websites that specialize in giving advice on how to date Filipino women.

In all, if you’ve been trying to Filipinas but have had no luck so far, maybe it’s time for you to take stock on how you’re communicating with these women. Even though they’re the friendliest people on Earth, they are still from a different culture and you need to communicate with them in a way that doesn’t invite mis-communication.

The Action Plan

Now that you know a few things about Filipino women, now it’s time to apply what you learned. Here’s the action plan for finding the best Filipino woman for you.

1. Sign up with a Filipino dating site

In order to make it easy to get a visa for her (whoever she is), sign up with a dating website to meet Filipino women. I would suggest that you sign up with Cherry Blossoms because it offers strong visa support services to its members.

Make sure you dress up your profile so that you look attractive.

2. Communicate with many women on the website

At the beginning of your search, make it a point to contact as many women as humanly possible. Contacting ten women per day would be ideal. In order to make it easier, write a letter template to introduce yourself.
Just make sure you that whenever you email, you customize the template to include the woman’s name.

3. Narrow the women by formulating a questionnaire

If you contact ten women within a week, you would have 70 women knocking at your door, assuming that they all reply to you. The only way that you’re going to narrow the women in the shortest amount of time is by formulating a questionnaire and ticking them off as you chat with each woman.

Your questionnaire should be based on what you want. I got this idea for a questionnaire from a Canadian friend who also included in his questionnaire “Will you give me a blowjob twice a week?”
You may not want a blowjob twice a week, but you have needs that need to be met, so make sure to put it out there.

4. Decide on three or four women

Take the results of your questionnaire and add a few other factors to decide on three or four womenyou’re going to be regularly communicating with for at least one month. One important thing to take note: please do not commit to any of the women until you’ve met them in person.

Also, do not tell any of them that you’re seeing other women. Although they are aware that they’re not the only ones you’re seeing, most Filipino women will find it rude if you talk about the other women to their faces. They might even call you crazy in your face without you knowing it.

5. Meet the women in person

When you’re ready, make plans to travel to the Philippines to meet the women. There are two things I suggest you do NOT do:
(a) have any of the women meet you at the airport, and (b) meet the women at a beach resort
Meet ups at the airport and at a beach resort are typically only done when you’re already in a relationship or you’re planning to commit to the woman you asked to meet you there.
The safest places for first time, in-person meet ups would be at a hotel lobby or some coffee shop. (Yes, you can find a Starbucks in the major cities.)
Make the most of your time in the Philippines to ask a lot of questions. If there’s someone you’d really like to get to know, visit her at home and check out her family (and her house).

6. Choose one

You will know from your visit which woman you’d think would be good for you. You have to make your “couple-dom” official though, like the way we do it in the Philippines. The only way I know to do this is to ask her what your “status” is as a couple. Unless if you make it official, so to speak, she will think you’re just “chatting” and nothing more.