It’s no secret that among older men from the United States, there are many who prefer to marry Filipino women for some reason or another (not the least of which is that Filipino women are known to prefer older men).

And of course, some decades since the Internet’s explosion, it’s already known that the best way to find Filipino women is through the many Filipino dating sites out there. But it’s really not enough just to sign up. Like anything else, finding love on the Internet is hard work, and it’s even harder work if you’re specifically looking for single women from the Philippines.

Here are some things you absolutely must do after signing up with a dating site that features Filipino women.

1. Study the map of the Philippines

You may or may not know this already but the Philippines is actually an archipelago, composed of 7,107 islands, and becomes 7,108 islands during low tide. Any Filipino woman could come from any of the major inhabited islands in the Philippines. If you want to avoid any logistical nightmare when you’re already prepared to travel, you should check a map of Philippines as you check profiles.

Unless, of course, if you want to hop on a plane from Manila to Cebu, or Cebu to Davao (or take an overnight boat ride if you’re on a budget), you want to make sure that you’re talking to women from the same area in the Philippines

2. Prepare a letter template

Someone once said that online dating is basically a numbers game, meaning that the more women you contact, the greater your chances of success. However, making that first initial contact can be daunting, especially if you’re writing personalized to every woman whose profile looks okay to you.

Write a letter template explaining a little about yourself, and what you’re expecting from her like, for example, a response to say that she’s interested. Make your letter short and sweet – just like everyone else, Filipino women’s attention spans are too short to read a long letter. Don’t forget to customize your letter template, thought to reflect the woman’s name.

3. Write to at least ten Filipino women, at least in the beginning

Like we said earlier, online dating is basically a contact and number game, meaning that the more women you contact, the greater you chances of successfully finding someone. So, after signing up with a Filipino dating site, make sure to contact at least ten women everyday for at least one week.

The key to being able to able to contact that many women is to NOT judge a woman by her picture. Truly, most women look better in person than in pictures and so it goes. Contact and get your numbers up.

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